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Vic Jayasimha was inspired by his father to go into the business field. The leadership, the ability to take raw pieces of information and construct it into a business strategy and then lead that strategy were influential to his endeavors. From this inspiration, he develops a strategy and puts it into practical use. Mr. Jayasimha went into international business because he enjoys interacting with different people from around the world and it allows him to travel. For Mr. Jayasimha, marketing and finance go hand and hand. At the end of the day, finance is important because the investors who invest in the product or market need a return.

Mr. Jayasimha graduated from Ohio State University with an MBA in international business, marketing and finance in 1981. He earned a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering from the institution in 1979. He developed first with the Pacific Group at NCR Corporation, working there from 1981 to 1983. He garnered experience at Texas Instruments Inc. and Rockwell Semiconductor Systems, Inc. and then at Analog Devices from 1999 to 2003.

In this work, Mr. Jayasimha increasingly worked with Asian partners and developed quite a following over there for his business and his ability to facilitate business partnerships across the region with US companies, particularly multinational companies. He started working in Europe, Germany, France, Sweden, and Israel facilitating a lot of business technology work between American multinational companies and research and development and product development in those regions. He was working with semiconductors and analog devices in broadband communications. All the technology leaders in Taiwan, Israel, Germany, and Japan started to treat him as a go-to person to facilitate business interaction with multinational corporations in the US. He was approached by a Singapore distributor who wanted to expand his business into China and made him a proposal.  He said he would finance him if he was willing to set up his own business, and in return, he wanted him to help him expand his market into China. That is when he left Analog Devices to take on this challenge. In 2003, Mr. Jayasimha he became the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Business Partners. Looking toward the future, he endeavors to be a widely recognized leader who is respected around the world where people come to him to coach and mentor the young people to share his knowledge.

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